A dog’s dream weekend

We were fortunate enough to be invited to visit a friend this weekend at their new holiday house in Julian. A couple of plusses about this:

  • I’ve never been to Julian.
  • They have a son just a year older than our youngest.
  • They love dogs and Sayla was invited to come too.

So the group consisted of four adults, three boys and four dogs. Two old (13 year old!) dogs called Onslow and Mimi and a youngster, Koori, who is about to turn 1. Koori and Sayla had the best time. Sayla had to learn to use her first doggie door and also got to experience snow for the first time. The dog politics and socializing was most interesting to watch, and there were various skirmishes as they worked each other out.

We arrived in heavy rain on Saturday afternoon, it was cold and the wind was howling. As evening approached the rain turned icy and then lo and behold, it was snow. Beautiful. The house was warm and comfortable and we got to look out and see the whiteness growing.

Even better was Sunday morning: clear, crisp and blue. We headed out for a hike down to an area with old gold mines. Koori and Sayla ran and ran and explored, covering probably three times the distance the humans did. Our eight year old struggled a bit on the way back but we all made it.

The old saying about a change being as good as a holiday? Well this was both. Wonderful!

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